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Agents, I’m looking for an asbestos abatement/removal contractor. Specifically vermiculite. There is not one listed on our preferred vendor list. Has anyone used one that they were happy with?
Thank you in advance!
Marybeth M.

Could anyone please recommend a stucco inspector that inspects brick vaneer.
Regards, Barbara G.

I have a client that needs immediate legal assistance. Can anyone refer me to a good attorney? Thank you in advance.

Hello Fellow Associates. I need a patio done for our home. Our current one needs major help-it's a flagstone patio-we are looking at different options? Does anyone have a recommendation?
Really appreciate it.
Angela G.

Hi Everyone I am searching for a Radon remediator for Doylestown boro. I also would like to have suggestions for an electrician and/or general contractor to do some minor soffit work and other minor wood trim. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Dawn R.

Hi All, I have a seller that needs a good carpet cleaner before they list. I would love some recommendations!
Thanks so much!
Ellen P. Hi all,

I am looking for someone who field lays hardwood and finishes in the home as well as sands and refinishes existing boards. Thank you for your recommendations!
Kind regards,
Sheila K.

Hi agents I need contact info for a good while house deep clean company.
Kurt M.

A client (single woman) in QUAKERTOWN needs someone she can TRUST to replace some windows that have been leaking water, which may involve opening walls (mold??) and adjusting siding/trim.
Any help would be appreciated. Peggy W.

Subject: Local Mover Recommendations
Good morning everyone,I can't believe the time has come for us to get quotes from local movers! Please share with me your absolute best mover recommendations. Our move is approximately 40 miles distance.
Thanks so much!!
Subject: Septic Inspector
I have a seller in need of a septic inspection ASAP. We are doing to this to get a 2nd opinion after our buyer?s person gave us a suspect report. Any recommendations for Doylestown Twp?
Thank you,
Subject: Chimney Liner Repair and Restucco Chimney
Hi agents - looking for recommendations for chimney work - replace the liner and re-stucco the chimney.
Subject: Dry wall contractor
Hi, A client needs to replace the ceiling drywall and paint, do you have any recommendations? We also need it done ASAP, a contractor with availability would be great.
Subject: recommendation
Does any one have a recommendation for a contractor who cleans roofs (algae)?
Subject: Recommendation for architect and construction company.
Hello Everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I have a client that is looking to do major renovation on commercial property in Lansdale. He will be expanding the existing building as well as adding additional floors. He is also looking to add a parking lot. Do any of you know if he needs both a architect and construction company to complete this renovation or will the construction company handle the plans and design as well. Depending on this answer...i am looking for a trustworthy, construction company as well as an architect if needed. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Subject: Pre listing Inspection
Any recommendations on a pre-listing inspector?
Subject: Plumbing request
Client wants all new bathroom faucets, anyone?
Subject: Roofer- easy job needed asap
Have 2 small leaks, need roofer a.s.a.p.
Subject: Recommendations for a home in Warminster Twp ~ Brookdale Gardens
I would really appreciate your help in recommendations. In the need for someone who is reasonable to remove carpets, remove wallpaper & paint. Just really to give this home a face lift before it hits the market. Do you have someone you use to re-galze a bath & tiles? I am also looking for someone to trim shrubs & mulch the beds. Who do you use to take pictures of your listings?
Thank you so much. Look forward to seeing your responses. I am happy to share with you....

Subject: Recommendations
I have a client who lives in Warminster Township. He is looking for a handyman who is able to repair a waste disposal, take wallpaper down in a bathroom & paint. Also his bath needs re glazing. Who would you recommend?
Thank you so much. I appreciate your help!
Subject: Gutters
Hi everyone! Can anyone recommend a company who installs gutters?
Thank you!
Kind regards,
Subject: Interior house painter needed in Richboro
Hello Everyone, I have a vacant home in richboro thats needs the entire inside painted. Some nail hole repairs. I need recommendations please.
Thank you,
Subject: recommendation for stagers
Hi Guys, I have a cluttered, boring home to list. I'm looking for a stager that will help me box and move furniture. I'm looking for 2 to 3 hours and a max of about 400.00 out of pocket. Recommendations of those you have used?
Thank you,
Subject: Wood floor refinishers
Hi agents,
I am looking for floor refinishers recommendations.

Subject: Fwd: Septic Inspections
I need to change my request to who you think would do a septic replacement? If your answer is the same as your inspection recommendation, please let me know.
Thank you.
Subject: Deck Carpenter?
Would anyone have a recommendation for someone that builds decks.
As always,
Subject: need help with restaurant recommendation
Hi, Our manager from the Chestnut Hill Office called and asked for a quaint Doylestown-ey place to dine and drink. I gave her several, but now I am curious as to what the rest of us like. Reply and share your yummiest pics.
Subject: Re: Restaurant Recommendations
Good Morning Agents. Does anyone have a nice restaurant in the Doylestown area that they would like to recommend? I would like to purchase a nice gift certificate for a restaurant in Doylestown or the surrounding area and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts and recommendations?
Thank you for your help.

Subject: architect?
Does anyone have a name of a reputable architect in Dtown? Please share by texting to me.
Carol S.
Subject: recommend a cleaning service? Can anyone recommend a cleaning service that has insurance and services Lower Makefield area? Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,
Allie L.

Subject: Hello everyone architect? Hope everyone is enjoying the start of Fall. I have a client that is looking for an architect. Have you or any of your clients used someone that you were very happy with and would recommend. Thanks in advance for all your help!
Best Regards,
Jamie M.

Subject: Hi all, Can you share who you prefer using for residential mold inspections? Thank you!
Kind regards,
Sheila K.

Subject: Hi all: real estate attorney needed: I am looking for a recommendation for a real estate attorney in Doylestown (not Linda Hopkins). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Amy F.

Hi all, I have a client who would like a lead paint inspection. Can anyone recommend an inspector? Also, wondering if anyone has had one done. If so, what was the lead time on the results and the cost of the inspection? Thank you!
Kind regards,
Sheila K.

A client (single woman) in QUAKERTOWN needs someone she can TRUST to replace some windows that have been leaking water, which may involve opening walls (mold??) and adjusting siding/trim.
Any help would be appreciated.

Chimney Pre-Inspection Recommendation for a personally trusted source.
Merry Christmas the whole weak!
Kind regards,
Sheila K.

Hi Agents
Can anyone recommend an exterminator for the Sellersville area?
Thanks Elaine

Good Morning All, I have a client that needs a drywall contractor to make some repairs or a handy man that can replace a small amount, tape and spackle. They are preparing their home for sale and they would like it done as soon as possible. It's not a huge job. Does anyone have the names they can pass along? Thanks, Ellen

Hello Fellow Associates
Can you please recommend a residential appraiser for the Hilltown area. Much appreciated!




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