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Bucks County Radon Removal

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that around one out of fifteen hoes in the US suffers fro elevated radon levels?  Luckily, radon remediation emerged as a process that helps homeowners get rid of the radon content in their homes.  Whether you’ve been living in your home for years or purchased it recently, you need to get it checked by professionals for the presence of this harmful gas.  This guide will help you learn more about radon gas, its dangers, and how it can be remediated by a Bucks County radon removal provider.

What Is Radon Gas?

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that forms due to the breakdown of uranium.  Breathing in radon gas causes lung cancer.  In fact, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.  Radon gas can not be seen nor smelled.  It can only be found by a radon testing professional.

How Does Radon Gas Get Into A Home?

Radon gas enters your home through the cracks in the foundation and the walls.  It can also find its way inside your home through openings around gas pipes, water pipes, sump pumps, and drains.  Moreover, the processes followed while constructing the home as well as the materials used, can affect radon levels.  Radon mostly remains in the basement or other lower levels of the home.  Experts of the EPA generally recommend radon testing for hoes on the third or lower floors of a building.  Radon risks are higher than usual during winter months because everyone keeps their houses sealed tight to stay warm.

Buying And Selling Your Home

Are you planning to sell your house or buy a new one?  Regardless of which category you fall in, it is important that you keep radon gas on your mind.  A simple, inexpensive test can ease your mind so that your family is protected and your sale goes smoothly.  The Bucks County radon providers listed at the top of this page are able to test your home or you can reach out to the local health department as they sometimes offer radon testing kits for free or at a reduced price.  Kits can also be found at the local hardware or home improvement stores.

Information For Sellers

If you are in the process of selling your home, you should consider radon testing.  However, don’t panic!  If it reveals that your property has a high quantity of radon, it is entirely removable.  In fact, you have several ways at your disposal to reduce radon levels.  Every stat in the US has a radon office that can give you a list of qualified, reliable, and renowned radon removal contractors.  You can also choose to do it yourself if you have the skills, but it is highly recommended that you hire a specialist.  Always get references before hiring anyone. Once you have taken the proper measures required to remove the gas, you can speak to potential buyers to ensure that it was tested and remediated.

Information for Buyers

The presence of radon inside a home is a cause for concern not only for sellers but buyers too.  If you’re about to purchase a new home, then ask the seller whether they underwent radon testing or not.  If they say that they took the radon test, then you should ask them to show you the results.  While radon-ridden homes exist all over the US, the most affected locations are the Northeastern regions, Midwest regions, Northern Plains, and Southern Appalachia.

Choosing a Bucks County Radon Removal Contractor

If you require the services of a radon abatement contractor, we do the work for you!  Select from one of our trusted contractors above.  When hiring a professional radon removal contractor, consider the following information:


As with any profession there are some non-reputable people out there who take advantage of homeowners in distress.  Radon remediation is not a simple task but specific opportunities allow clients to cut corners in ways that may never be discovered.  For instance, if your home doesn’t have gravel under the slab, then the size, number, and placement of the holes dug by the radon removal expert will dictate the radon levels post-mitigation.  Our trusted, local contractors work with you to give you up front pricing.

Free Estimates

You may encounter radon abatement companies that won’t send its representatives to assess the situation and estimate the job.  Make sure that you avoid these agencies because if they can’t spare the time to come up with an estimate, then they won’t do the job properly either.  The best agencies will send their representatives to explore your property, show pictures of previous projects they completed, answer all of your questions, and provide you with a list of references and a free estimate.

Training And Certification

As already mentioned earlier, radon abatement isn’t a simple task.  One has to undergo rigorous training and earn certification in radon removal.  That;s why you should keep an eye out for organizations that employ trained and certified workers.  Our trusted contractors are trained and ready to get to work for you.

Review Your Contract

The agency that you choose to conduct your radon abatement will provide you with a contract.  Make sure that you go through it carefully.  The warranty should be clear and easy to understand.  Also, the specialists should be able to offer a guarantee of reducing the levels below EPA’s guidance.  Additionally, they should quote the right price.  Our trusted contractors honor their contracts as they are here to help you and other homeowners in Bucks County.  Their business is built on happy customers and word of mouth referrals.

Diagnostic Testing

Some contractors install radon remediation systems in homes.  If you choose a contractor that does this make sure that they perform diagnostic tests before beginning the installation process.  This test mostly involves applying suction to a two-inch test hole to check if there is air movement across the series of small half-inch test holes drilled in several parts of the slab.  The radon removal providers listed above will do this for you.

Yes, radon gas can be a terrifying problem, but it is one that is easily taken care of.  After reading this guide you have the knowledge and information regarding radon testing a removal.  The providers listed on top of this page are vetted, trusted, local companies ready to take care of your radon gas removal needs.

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