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Bucks County Propane or Heating Oil:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Propane or Heating Oil

Living in Bucks County you are aware of how low the temperatures reach in the winter months.  Having an efficient heating system is imperative to sustaining the comfort of your family as well as the balance of your wallet.  Your goal should be to find a heating solution that not only proves to be a legitimate heat source but also boasts longevity, safety, durability, and is cost-effective.  We have found that heating oil and propane gas (both are extracted from crude oil) are best for your home.

Why Propane and Oil?

Regardless of popular opinion, propane and heating oil are clean sources of energy.  The process of creating heating oil has improved tremendously over the years.  In actuality, the heating oil process today produces 95% clean energy compared to previous years.  Propane is not at all toxic.  If propane is released into the atmosphere by accident, it will not harm the environment.  Burning propane for heat is also clean.

Propane is quickly becoming a reliable and inexpensive source of energy, especially when compared to electricity.  Our chosen heating oil and propane suppliers can not only fulfill the demand for heating your home, but also for running appliances.  Larger homes benefit most from using heating oil as their heating source.  Pricing for both propane and heating oil fluctuates depending on demand.  One way to lock in pricing is to sign a contract with a provider.  This will lock in a price at the beginning of the year so that if demand increases you’ll be fine.

One thing many Bucks County homeowners are unaware of is how heating oil and propane provide a better BTU compared to natural gas.  BTU is the amount of energy needed to increase or decrease the temperature of one pound of water by a single Fahrenheit.  One gallon of heating oil provides 125,000 BTU, propane provides 84,250 BTU while natural gas provides only 20,160 BTU.  Even if your current home is already connected to natural gas, talking to one of our trusted propane and heating oil providers will help you figure out how to convert over to a more cost effective heating system.

Should you decide to replace your natural gas system with either propane or heating oil, keep in mind these two later systems typically last approximately 30 years.  Investing in this type of heating is a smart move as a homeowner

Maintaining Your Propane and Heating Oil System.

If you are a Bucks County homeowner that already had a propane or heating oil system, you must stay up to date on the maintenance to ensure you get that 30 year life expectancy out of your system.  Make sure that you have all of your heating equipment like heaters, fans, and other peripherals checked periodically.  This will prevent any issues in the middle of the winters and keep you warm when sleeping at night.  Regular inspections will ensure there are no small leaks, holes in the ducts, air handlers, and the outlet registrars. 

Whether you need to update your heating system or find someone who can help you with inspection and maintenance for your already installed hot oil or propane system, give one of our trusted Bucks County providers a call.  They are ready to help you.

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