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Paul B Moyer and Sons
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Bucks County Outdoor Power Equipment:

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Bucks County Outdoor Power Equipment

As homeowners, we like to do many of the home projects ourselves.  The sense of accomplishment when the work is done can’t be beat.  However, being able to do some of these projects requires equipment that most homeowners don’t own.  It is important to find a Bucks County power equipment company that you can trust.  Luckily, AgentsAdvise has taken care of vetting the best companies in the area for you.

Equipment manufactured by the top brands like Kohler, Kawasaki, RedMax, Honda, Generac, and others offer better work efficiency with less effort.  Choosing one particular brand that will give you what you need in the budget you can afford can be tricky.  Luckily, the companies we have listed here are experienced and equipped to help you make the best selection.

Choosing The Best Bucks County Power Equipment Company

The most important thing you should take into account when purchasing power equipment is to purchase directly from an authorized dealer.  This prevents you from getting substandard knockoffs and equipment that has already been used and repaired. 

Authorized dealers have the equipment either from the company’s distributors or directly from the company itself.  Therefore, you are ensured authenticity and originality from the power equipment you purchase.  Outside of this, there are a few other things to look for when deciding on the Bucks County power equipment company

Variety of Tools

Before heading out to the power equipment company, make a list of the equipment you are interested in purchasing.  Consider making a need list for current projects and a want list for projects you are considering in the future.  If possible, find a company that sells all of these types of equipment.  By doing this, you’ll be able to build a relationship with the company and their employees. 

You may be in the market for a riding mower and leaf blower now so that you can maintain your lawn during the summer after buying your first home.  But consider winter time.  You’ll probably also need to purchase a snow blower or a pressure washer in the spring.  Find a company that you can go back to that sells all of the things that you possibly need in the future.

Knowledgeable Employees

Because purchasing power equipment can, at times, hurt the wallet initially, it is important that you are buying exactly what you need, not what someone wants to make a commission on.  Knowledgeable employees, who know their equipment can discuss your intentions in regards to the equipment and provide you with multiple options for you to choose from.  If your yard is only a half acre, buying a tractor probably isn’t the best choice.  The right employee will ask you questions to determine the best options for you.

Knowledgeable employees will know the difference between reel mowers and rotary mowers.  They’ll know whether an electric mower is better for you than a gas powered mower or vice versa.  The right employee will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding the equipment, how it is used, and be able to help you understand everything about the equipment you are purchasing.

Market Reputation

Although, typically, market reputation for a Bucks County Power Equipment company is important, we’ve taken the guesswork out of this for you.  We have already vetted these local companies for their experience, knowledge, and customer service.  They are the leading power equipment companies in Bucks County and ready to assist you.

Brand Power

As you may know, there are many brands making power equipment.  The companies we have listed above are authorized dealers for different brands.  This is beneficial to the customer!  Each brand has their own strengths and weaknesses.  The dealer is knowledgeable about these strengths and weaknesses and can help you select the right brand for your needs, style, and wallet.

Live Demonstrations

One of the greatest things about authorized dealers is that they are passionate about the equipment they sell.  They stand behind it and love sharing their knowledge.  They also enjoy “show and tell” with the equipment and customers.  They can demonstrate how the equipment works so that you are more comfortable with the end result.  Experiencing the equipment working in front of you also helps you in your decision making process.

Post-Sale Service And Maintenance

When purchasing power equipment, know that you will eventually have to repair or replace parts in the future.  And also know that most power equipment requires occasional maintenance.  When choosing a power equipment company to buy from, consider finding a place that also handles repairs, replacement parts, and even maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

Outside of the employee knowledge and products they sell, customer service is pretty high on the list for important qualities in a power equipment company.  The vendors we selected here at AgentsAdvise will certainly take the extra measures to help their customers get the best service.

Any top dealer will follow a customer first approach and strive to provide the best services to their customers.  This customer first approach includes a wide array of extra benefits such as:

  1. Product guarantees
  2. Free servicing
  3. Discounts
  4. Free installations
  5. Maintenance discounts
  6. Financing services

These are benefits that some companies may offer, reach out to the companies listed on this page to find out what they offer.

Should You Purchase Pre-Owned Power Equipment?

There are times when you prefer to save money doing projects like mowing the lawn by yourself instead of hiring a Bucks County mowing service.  However, you may not have the budget to purchase a brand new riding mower to take care of your 2 acre yard.  If this is the case, consider purchasing pre-owned power equipment from an authorized dealer.  Authorized dealers are able to certify and inspect the equipment prior to sale.  Most of the time, there are warranties involved because they are so sure of their product.

Bucks County Power Equipment For The DIYer

Saving money by doing your own home projects gives you a sense of accomplishment as a homeowner.  However, you’ll need the proper equipment to do that.  Buying outdoor power equipment can be an overwhelming process.  However, with our above guide and the fantastic Bucks County Outdoor Power Equipment companies listed, the process will be much easier.

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