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Bucks County Pool Open & Close:

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Bucks County Pool Open & Close

As a Bucks County homeowner, you know there are many responsibilities that come with the privilege of owning your own home.  However, if you also own a home, there are additional responsibilities!  Having a pool at your house is a dream come true for many, especially the kids!  Summertime fun right out of the door to your home, no packing the kids up and getting them ready for the community pool.  Just step outside and let the fun begin!  But in order to keep the fun going, you must take care of your pool.

Many new pool owners are unaware of all the aspects of owning a pool.  That’s why, it is a good idea to hire a professional Bucks County pool service, at least for your first year.  Let’s take a look at some of the responsibilities pool owners need to be aware of:

Opening A Bucks County Pool

Provided that your pool was closed properly in the Fall, opening your pool in the Spring should be labor intensive but not too much of a headache.  Removing the covering, cleaning the cover would be the first steps to opening your pool.  Time should be spent scrubbing the walls, floor, and steps to your pool next.  Filling the pool to the proper level and starting your equipment is next on the list.  Lastly, you’ll need to shock the water to get it crystal clear and adjust the chemicals as needed.

Bucks County Pool Maintenance

Enjoying your pool during the season is a great way to spend time with friends and family.  However, no matter how great your pool system is, it will always need weekly maintenance to keep it in top condition.  Regularly cleaning out the filter baskets, skimming the water, and adjusting the chemicals is important.  Cleaning the pool filter every couple of months is also an important step that is often overlooked.

Closing A Bucks County Pool

At the end of the season, when kids head back to school, it is time to close your pool.  As much as your family would love to have access to the pool at all times, that’s typically not possible in Bucks County.  So, in the Fall, you should begin removing the equipment attached to your pool and the water level should be reduced.  The water should be balanced and then shocked before putting the cover on tightly and closing it until Spring.

If you are not yet a homeowner with a pool, but looking for one.  There are quite a few important things to consider before actually purchasing.

  1. Maintenance Costs - Maintaining a pool adds an additional cost to your homeownership.  Even if you do the maintenance yourself, chemicals needed for maintenance do add up.
  2. Insurance - Your homeowners insurance will be higher than if you did not have a pool.
  3. Higher Electric Bill - Running a pool during the season will require more power, so expect that your electric bill will be higher than normal.
  4. Separate Pool Inspector - In addition to hiring a home inspector when purchasing a home, you’ll also need to hire a pool inspector so that you can benefit from his/her experience.

Pools are fun, exciting, and a great way to entertain your family.  They open up a world of entertainment experiences with friends and family, but it does come with a cost.  If you are not interested in taking care of the pool, consider calling one of our Bucks County Pool Service vendors.

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