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Bucks County Photographers

Hire a Real Estate Photographer

A report by Realtor.org, which says that 44% of the home buyers start their search online. This single reason is more than enough to hire a professional real estate photographer if you want to clear your listings before the season ends.

Real estate is show business. You need to show the house to your prospective customers from every angle. Having crisp and high definition photographs with immaculate art direction and stage composition is the need of the hour. You will find three highly trained, experienced, and fabulous real estate photographers in Bucks County listed here. We have done the work for you and separated the wheat from the chaff.

With this in mind, let’s look at some other highly potent and realistic benefits of getting a real estate photographer for your listings.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Photographer:

Sell faster:
Having prior photographs listed on your own or an aggregator’s website will help the customers make a better choice. In an era where 98% of the millennials look at online sources before buying a house, any listing without pictures is set to be ignored right away.

Moreover, the photographs on any website are aligned with the eye pattern of the viewer. So, they will come across the pictures first and then check out other specifications.

Therefore, when you hire a professional real estate photographer, they will know the staging and the perfect angles to bring the most out of a property. If you are looking to make an impression, at first sight, you need a photographer.

Professional equipment:
No matter how many megapixels are added to the phone camera, they cannot match professional cameras’ depth and quality. They visit the site with the whole shebang and are infused with creativity and innovation in their minds.

Any area of the house, dark or light, cornered or wide, congested, or laidback is not a problem for the photographer’s equipment. Moreover, they can also shoot videos, take panoramic shots, use a drone to cover the exteriors, and show the entire landscape. All of this is done to catch the prospective buyer’s attention.

Skill and training:

Working with professional equipment is not enough. Anyone can buy a $15,000 camera and start clicking pictures. Besides the equipment, the artist working with it is also the key to getting pristine and high-quality pictures.

They know what angle is the most effective to capture the room and where to add artificial light, where to leverage the natural light, so on.

A professional photographer will first scout the entire area before unpacking the equipment. They will understand the light exposure, color composition, areas, and identify the perfect angles to click the best picture.

Staging and direction:

One of the most important benefits of getting a photographer for your Buck County house listings is staging. As a real estate agent, your job is to prepare all the property’s specifics and the location. The neighborhood, the resale value, and the construction material, and whatnot.

But all of these will come later once you get a lead from your website or any other source. Also, looking at the fact that 87% of the customers find photos very useful, clicking professional pictures is one of the best ways to get those leads.

So, photographs precede technical knowledge when it comes to selling a house. A photographer understands how the customer will look at the property and which angles highlight the essential features.

Have you heard of the adage, “Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.” A real estate photographer will attract the eye with beautiful pictures, and then you have to capture the customer’s heart with the house’s personality.

Stream ahead of the competition:

Almost every market is satiated with players who are striving to stay on the top. They are looking for better and innovative options to follow a different approach. Well, you have one here.

Uploading photographs of the ready-to-sell properties before you conduct an open house will be great to develop a sense of excitement. Compared to the houses which are not visible to the potential customer, your listing will be considered more valuable and approachable.

Moreover, this is the age of social media, wouldn’t you say? Posting the property picture on social media is bound to get you leads and results. The same realtor survey also found that 47% of the real estate marketers find social media the best source to get leads. This is followed by listing websites and broker’s websites.

Pro tip: Ask the real estate photographer to click some aerial pictures. This will lend a unique perspective to the viewers.

Characteristics of innovative real estate photographers:
Not all photographers are cut from the same cloth. There are various thin line differences between them. That is why we recommend choosing the real estate photographers for house listings.

Besides all the aspects that you have read above, a well-trained and professional team will also provide post-production services. This includes editing, correcting the depth, composition, and other such technical details.

Moreover, if you like, they can also add background music or even pre-recorded commentary to create an immersive experience for the customers.

Virtual tours are yet another aspect that you can utilize to out perform the competitors. It is all about accessibility and making it easier for your leads to experience the house in real-time without ever stepping out. The more you provide the better chances of selling.


Now that you understand the actual value of hiring a professional and avant-garde real estate photographer, why don’t you get in touch with them? Ask what they have to offer and how they can help you become a better real estate marketer.

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