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Bucks County Painters

Before The Painting Begins

In order to have a successful paint project, there are a few things to consider and plan prior to beginning.

    1. Timing - Summers are the best time to paint the exterior of your house.  The reason for this is there is less fluctuation in temperatures and typically, in Bucks County, there is less rain.  Conversely, winter is the best time to paint the indoors.
    2. Inspection - Whether you are planning to paint the interior or exterior of your home, you should inspect the areas to be painted.  Check for areas that need repair or replacement.  Also take note of any items that need to be removed prior to painting (switch covers, door knobs, satellite dishes, etc)
    3. Measurements - Although a professional Bucks County painter will take measurements before giving you a quote, it is important that you take your own measurements so that you know ahead of time what to expect.  Take into consideration windows and doors that will not be included in the painting price.
    4. Fix Ahead - If you found a few minor issues during your inspection, try fixing them ahead of time to reduce your out of pocket pricing for a painter.  Fixing small holes in the wall and ruined window sills yourself can save you a ton.
    5. Start Cleaning - Clean walls give a new paint job a much more cleaner look.  Some Bucks County painters will offer to power wash the exterior of your home along with painting it, but you can take care of this part yourself.  Power washing the outside of your home can be fun for the whole family.  As with the exterior, the interior wall should be cleaned as well.  When preparing for your interior to be painted, move furniture out of the room to be painted as much as you can.  At the very least, move the furniture away from the walls to allow for painting and ladder placement.

Bucks County Painter - Exterior Painting Recommendations

Choosing the best paint for your exterior can either make or break your investment.  The right color will give your home incredible curbside appeal.  The right paint will go on to your exterior smoothly and last for years.

We suggest using water based, acrylic latex paints.  These paints are easy to apply, they dry quickly, and require very little maintenance.  These paints apply perfectly to any type of surface without requiring special pre-treatment.

Keep in mind, when purchasing your paint, the higher grade paints stick better to exterior surfaces and require fewer coats while lasting longer.  The lower grade paints, more than likely, will require more coats of paint to get the look that you want while needing to be repainted sooner than the higher grade.

Bucks County Painter - Interior Painting Recommendations

Unlike exterior paint, Bucks County homeowners have more of a selection when it comes to interior paint options.  When choosing an interior paint, you have a choice of purchasing a matte enamel, matte paint, satin paint, eggshell paint, semi-gloss paint, and gloss paint.  Many homeowners choose to go with matte paint as it is easy to apply and hides many imperfections in the wall.  However, if your home has children or the walls see a lot of activity, you may want to consider using a matte enamel.  Matte enamel paint is much more durable and is easier to clean as well.

Depending on the condition of the interior walls you may be able to forgo using a primer.  However, if you have a dark colored wall or a wall with a lot of imperfections, using a primer will smooth out the wall giving your fresh coat a paint a blank canvas.

To Hire or Do It Yourself

So, the last question you need to ask yourself is if you are willing to do the painting yourself or hire a professional.  We recommend hiring a Bucks County painter to do the job for you.  The professional painters listed on AgentsAdvise are local, vetted, and realtor approved businesses ready and waiting for your call.  By hiring a professional you will gain the knowledge and experience that can only be gained by being a professional painter.


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