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Bucks County Mulch & Top Soil:

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Bucks County Mulch & Top Soil

The foundation of a perfect landscape and excellent curb appeal begins with the right topsoil and mulch.  Topsoil goes into a home’s landscape first providing a very deep layer of organic materials.  These materials will give nutrients to the grass, trees, and plantings you place around your home.  Mulch is applied in garden beds and around trees to protect plants and trees from weeds and initiates good growth.  Mulch also gives a home a clean and beautiful finish alongside proper landscaping.  Let’s take a closer look at each of these materials and how they can benefit your home and landscape.

Topsoil Helps Grow A Variety Of Crops

Topsoil is an important layer of soil as it contains all the nutrients that are essential for the plants and trees to grow.  If your garden does not have a good quality of soil, you can improve the quality by adding topsoil. Topsoil’s main element is decomposed organic matter, called humus.  This humus is made of broken down plant matter, twigs, and other organic matter.

Topsoil Promotes Germination

Although sometimes labor intensive, it is worth it to replace your topsoil in a garden.  This boost in nutrients will allow your plants and garden to grow faster and healthier.  Fresh topsoil gives your garden the nutrient boost it needs to be successful and grow strong and healthy.

Topsoil Ensures Proper Drainage

Ensuring enough oxygen gets to the roots of your garden you must create a layer of topsoil.  Topsoil, in addition to adding much needed nutrients, also provides proper drainage.  Without proper drainage your plants’ roots will suffocate and rot.  It will also help in preventing water logging which will kill the plant.

Mulch Helps Prevent Weeds

Weeds are the enemy of any homeowner or gardener.  They grow in our beautifully designed flower beds as well as our gardens.  They sap the nutrients from our plants.  Laying down a layer of mulch helps prevent weeds by limiting the sunlight getting to the soil, thus reducing the weed seeds from growing.

Mulch Keeps Roots Moist

A layer of mulch on top of the soil helps prevent the sun from drying out the soil.  This keeps the soil and the roots moist and healthy. Mulching prevents a lot of evaporation during the sunny season.  Mulch will also absorb and keep the rainwater that falls to help supply the plants with much needed water.

Mulch Insulates The Soil

In addition to holding the moisture in, mulch also acts as an insulator by keeping the soil warm in the winter time and cool during the summer.  The higher the quality of the topsoil the better mulch will be able to keep it insulated.

Mulch Prevents Erosion

Using mulch helps temporarily prevent the natural erosion that happens due to high winds and rain. Without mulch on top of the soil, the soil will erode and you’ll end up losing the nutrients for your garden and plants.

Mulch Creates Curb Appeal

This is one of the biggest reasons homeowners choose to use mulch in their yard.  It just looks gorgeous!  It can turn an “okay” landscape into an incredible sight!  There are different colors and shades to choose from as well as different types of mulch. 

Talk to one of our local, trusted Bucks County topsoil and mulch vendors to find out how they can help you get the garden and curb appeal you are looking for in your home. 

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