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Bucks County Mowing:

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Bucks County Mowing

Mowing.  You either love doing it or you dread it!  For many teens, it is a way to pick up some extra cash during the summer before they can get a job, for some adults it is a weekend activity that gets them outside and exercising and for others it is a dreaded activity that has to get done. Yes, keeping your lawn mowed makes your house look good, but it also benefits the grass.  

Types of Bucks County Grass

Living in Bucks County, there are a few different types of grass that you’ll find.  Kentucky Bluegrass, Rough Bluegrass, Ryegrass, Find Fescue, Turf Type Fescue, and Zoysia Grass.  All but the last are cold weather grasses while Zoysia is a warm weather grass.  Zoysia actually turns brown during the cold season, so unless you want a brown yard in the winter it is advised to stay away from this one.

Benefits of Regular Mowing

Mowing your lawn regularly every week is important to the overall look and health of your lawn.  If the lawn gets too high, it not only looks bad but you’ll be blocking some grass from the sun.  When you eventually cut the lawn, when it is long, the clippings will cover the trimmed grass from the sun.  However, if you cut it every week, the clippings left behind will act like a fertilizer for your lawn ensuring the lawn's health.  This will create a fuller, vibrate lawn that you will love to walk through with your bare feet!

The clipping should be an inch or less, so mowing every week is essential.  You also want to make sure that you don’t cut the grass too short or you will end up having a burnt lawn from the sun.  The best time to mow your lawn is late afternoon.  This will keep the freshly cut lawn out of direct sunlight until the next morning. 

Consider Hiring a Professional

One of the plusses to hiring a professional contractor to mow your home is that they know grass!  They have worked in the area for years, they are familiar with the different types of grass grown in Bucks County and they know how to take care of it the best.  If you ever have a problem with your grass not growing nicely, they will know the root problem and know how to fix it.  Not to mention, hiring someone to mow your grass allows you extra time with your family instead of being outside mowing for hours.

Regardless of what you choose to do, hiring a professional or doing it yourself, it is important to be consistent with your mowing.  A home with a gorgeous lawn is something to behold.  Living in Bucks County, as opposed to other places in the country, we can walk freely in our lawns without worrying about stinging insects outside of bees!  Seeing a gorgeous, full lawn makes you want to kick off your shoes and enjoy the cool grass on your feet while the sun shines down on you.

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