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Bucks County Mold Removal

Being a Bucks County homeowner is no easy job.  Maintaining a home can be a headache, but since it is our sanctuary away from the stressors of life, we do what needs to be done so that our family is happy and safe.  If you happen to be in a home with a mold problem, having that sanctuary can be difficult.  Over the past few years, mold has become an issue with many people.  Thus, the reason many people are searching to find out about mold removal.  This guide will help you understand the mold removal process and what you can do to clear the mold from your home. 

Because mold can be a major health issue we do suggest leaving the mold removal process to professional Bucks County mold removal specialists.

The Mold Removal Process

There are steps that need to be followed in order to clear the mold from your home.  If mold is not removed properly, it will continue to spread throughout the home causing health problems for those you love.

Identification Of The Source

The first thing that needs to be done is to find out where the mold began.  Professional mold removal specialists can do this with equipment measuring the highest concentration of mold spores.  For the most part, mold grows in the areas of the home where there is moisture and water.  The source can be anything from a leaky roof, broken pipe, and even a broken appliance.  The state of the art equipment that the specialists use can detect areas of the home with the highest moisture content to help find the source as well.

Contain The Mold

Once the source is found the next step is to contain the mold.  This means, if there is a broken pipe or roof leak, that must be fixed immediately.  There is no sense in removing the mold until this is done.  Fix the cause of the mold before removing the mold.  Removing to mold tends to spread spores in the air, if the moisture remains there is a chance that the mold will take hold again.

Apply Antimicrobial Treatments

Applying antimicrobial products in the areas where the mold resides will clean out the mold quickly.  The mold spores are typically killed with the antimicrobial products as well.  The products also have the ability to prevent future mold growth.

Air Filtration

While removing the mold, spores tend to be disturbed, which leads to airborne mold spores.  For this reason, the air needs to be properly cleaned.  The negative air machines with HEPA air filters are the perfect equipment to handle this issue.  The air filtration process ensures that dust, mold spores, airborne debris, and MVOCs are eliminated from the air, reducing the chances of additional contamination.

Removal & Cleaning

The only way to ensure that you are getting all of the contaminating mold is to remove everything that had mold growing on it.  This generally means pieces of the wall, carpeting, flooring, and insulation.  Hiring a professional Bucks County mold removal company is the best way to ensure that you are getting everything.  They have very high standards when it comes to taking care of a mold problem and they have regulations they must follow.  Typically, a specialist will then use their equipment to ensure that all of the mold was removed when complete.

Does Mold Impact Your Health?

Yes, mold can adversely impact your health.  However, it affects everyone differently because of different sensitivity levels.  For instance, people who have a weak immune system will be more prone to health issues, such as skin issues and respiratory sickness.  Especially those who have asthma.  This is because mold can create allergens, which are compounds that cause allergic reactions.   In severe cases, it can lead to runny nose, asthma attacks, sneezing, red eyes, and skin rashes.

Mistakes To Avoid

Whenever you are cleaning mold, many mistakes can be made which do more harm than good.  Take note of the following so you do not repeat mistakes others have made.

  1. Bleach - Many people think that bleach kills anything.  For the most part, bleach is a great cleanser.  Not when it comes to mold though.  The only thing bleach does to mold is change the color of the mold.  This makes identifying the mold later on difficult.
  2. Mold Resistant Paint - You shouldn’t depend totally on mold resistant paint.  Yes, they are effective, but they shouldn’t be relied on to fully prevent the mold.  Feel free to use this paint, but always remove the mold before using it.

Tips & Techniques To Clear Mold

Although we are sharing a few tips and techniques to clear mold, we do highly suggest hiring a professional Bucks County mold removal company.

  1. Any water issues or leaks should be cleaned up and fixed immediately.
  2. If mold is showing on a hard surface, you can use water and detergent to scrub it off.  Just don’t forget to thoroughly dry the area.
  3. If you have carpets and ceiling tiles that are infested with mold, they need to be removed and replaced with new materials as soon as possible.
  4. Always wear personal protection equipment when removing mold.
  5. Do not apply caulk or paint the mold-infested surfaces.  The area must be completely free of mold and dried completely before using caulk or paint on the area.
  6. Bathrooms are the most likely areas in the home to get mold.  Be sure to regularly clean the bathroom and ensure there is good ventilation in that room.
  7. If you do decide to remove the mold yourself, be sure to hire a Bucks County mold testing company to ensure that you have removed all of the mold.

Now that you know a few tips for removing mold in your home, considering the dangers of having an out of control mold infestation, it might be a great idea to hire a professional Bucks County mold removal service company.  They can use their specialized equipment and years of experience to get your home back to that sanctuary that you love and your family back into a more healthy environment.

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