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Bucks County Masonry:

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Bucks County Masonry

What Is A Masonry Professional?

Before we define what a masonry professional is, it is best to first define what masonry is.  Masonry is the construction of buildings out of individual units held together with mortar.  These buildings are typically made of brick or some type of stone.  Masonry is a trade of discipline, art, and expertise.  It takes years of experience to become a reliable and skillful masonry worker.  Throughout Bucks County you’ll find lots of brick and stone homes dating back sometimes two hundred years.  Quality masonry has the ability to last multiple lifetimes.


Stone masons, those specializing in stone typically work with two different types.  The first being naturally cut stones like marble, granite, and limestoner.  The second type is artificial stone, such as concrete, marble chips, and more. Masons use a special hammer and chisel to cut the stones into the correct shape that they need, cutting along the grain to preserve the look of the stone.


Bricks are just about everywhere in Bucks County.  From homes that have been around before the birth of the country to new homes building a development.  Bricks are either made from sun-dried clay or fire dried.  They are stacked together to create the building and held together with mortar.


There are various types of concrete that is used in masonry.  However, concrete blocks are the typical materials used.  These blocks are generally used to make basement or retention walls.  They are a sturdy material that can be reinforced with iron.


Without the mortar, masons would be helpless.  It is, literally, the glue that holds everything they do together.  An experienced mason will know exactly how to mix the mortar as well as where to place it so that the creation he is making lasts a long time.  Why Would You Need A Bucks County Masonry Provider?

There are many reasons why a Bucks County homeowner would need to reach out to a local mason.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that would cause you to reach out to one of the service providers in the area.

  1. Installing a new stone wall in your landscaping.  Adding a stone wall to your landscaping adds another dimension to your curb appeal.  A well done landscaping wall not only adds to the beauty of your property, some walls create borders, separation, and can also make an unsightly hill appear more attractive.
  2. Fixing the mortar on your brick home. (repointing)  Older homes with a brick or stone siding will need regular maintenance and inspection.  Mortar, unfortunately, doesn’t last forever and needs to get fixed on occasion.  Masonry professionals can inspect and repair any mortar issues your old home may have.
  3. Replacing worn or damaged bricks.  When inspecting a home, mason professionals can detect issues with bricks and can easily replace them when needed.
  4. Replacing damaged stone siding.  There may be occasions when a stone in your siding gets damaged.  Mason professionals use their expertise to replace them easily.
  5. To extend the stone or brick siding on an addition.  Adding an addition to your home can be an exciting time in your life!  However, with a brick or stone siding on the original home, it can be difficult to make the addition blend in.
  6. Installing or fixing a stone walkway.  A beautiful walkway begins and ends with an experienced mason professional. 
  7. Custom indoor fireplace.  Have you considered adding a custom fireplace to your home?  Masonry is the best way to create a unique and inviting fireplace toyour home.
  8. Outdoor fire pit.  True, you can build a fire pit on your own.  However, a professional will build you an incredibly beautiful and unique fire pit that you’ll enjoy for many nights over the years.
  9. Natural stone outdoor kitchen.  Outdoor kitchens are very trendy right now.  Spending time at home with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors.  Instead of throwing out a grill and a few other appliances, consider having them built into a natural stone outdoor kitchen.  Everyone will want to hang at your house during the nice weather!
  10. Outdoor pizza oven.  If you’re going to have an outdoor kitchen, why not add a pizza oven to it?  Outdoor pizza ovens are a great way to customize your kitchen with something functional as well as stunning.  Who wants to order pizza when you can make one in your backyard?

Benefits of Hiring A Bucks County Mason

Of course, a lot of these things mentioned above could be done on your own over a few weekends.  However, if you are not familiar with working with stone or bricks, and especially mortar, you might want to consider hiring a professional.


Masonry is not a one size fits all profession.  Typically, a professional dedicates their life to one particular material.  When this professional works on his or her given specialty, they know more about it than most.  Many Bucks County Masonry providers have staff with multiple specialties.  Regardless of each mason professionals specialty, there is one thing they all have extensive knowledge about: mortar.

Masonry is a complex task that requires constant planning, also experience to ensure better execution.  Mortar is one of the essential components used during masonry.  Repointing mortar can bring some life back to your wall or home.  70 degrees is the ideal temperature for curing mortar.  While below 40 degrees is unproductive.  If mortar freezes before its completely cured, it will turn brittle.  When the walls dry up, the mortar will pop out.  In hot weather, mortar is kept from drying out faster, and the structure is kept damp.  Plus, there is a mess when you do it without a professional hand. 


Professional masons are not only under the scrutiny of the state’s permission board to assure they deliver and comprehend the rules, but they also have the understanding of laws and regulations.  This includes; tax payments, licenses, and inspections.  Having experience on their side they know how to plan ahead of tenuous weather.  In other words, they are better for a cost-effective execution. 

Professional contractors have an understanding of labor costs, general expenses, and are experienced in providing productive work patterns.  A professional mason is not new to the market.  He or she can get you a better deal for raw materials.  Over the years, he has established relationships with various people, including officials, dealers, and architects.  This comes in handy when you need one!


Masonry work is sometimes prone to errors, no matter how experienced.  Worker compensation insurance and general compensation insurance cover a professional masonry during the job.  An arm could break, or even a small injury can jeopardize the whole project.  In contrast, a professional masonry service assures that your work is continued unceasingly toward its goal.  It covers property damage, theft protection, and fire.  You can even, possibly, save on homeowners insurance as you are getting work done by a professional.

Resale Value

By hiring a professional masonry service provider, you’re assuring yourself that there will be resale value for your property.  Your walls, roofs, and walkways will live longer.  It will look attractive and, at the same time, provide value.  In other words, you’re opting for value addition by hiring a professional masonry contractor.

You can bring your old brick building back to life by hiring a masonry service.  Whether you want to repair cracks in your wall, walkways, or you want a brand new fireplace, a masonry service provider will get it done.  The Bucks County Masonry providers we have listed will get the job done on time and will execute it with precision. When you hire a professional, you are hiring someone with the experience and knowledge of their craft to take your ideas and imagination to bring it into reality.

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