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Bucks County Heating And AC - HVAC:

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Bucks County Heating And AC - HVAC

Staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer is important to keeping you and your family comfortable.  Having an energy efficient HVAC system is not only important to your comfort it increases the value of your home.  Many of the older homes in Bucks County have window units as their only source of cooling with variants for heating. Many homes use hot water radiant heating while others use forced or central air.  Updating your HVAC system can make reselling your home in the future a lot easier as well as put more money into your pocket.

Types Of HVAC Systems

Central Air Conditioning - The central air conditioning system is the most popular system being installed in newer homes and the most desired in older homes.  However, there are certain older homes not suitable for this type of system.

Mini-Split Air Conditioners - These are a great alternative to the central air unit for older homes that aren’t good candidates for central air.  The mini-splits are a ductless system which houses the compressor on the outside of the home, connected with tubing to air handling systems placed on the wall inside the home.

Window Units - These are common in older Bucks County homes.  They are typically single room units that are installed in a window and plugged inside the home.  There are many disadvantages to this system.  Taking them in and out of the window every summer and winter can be tedious and if you do not switch it out they are very hard to keep insulated in the winter.

Furnaces - Furnaces force air through ducts and delivered via vents in rooms to warm the home.  Furnaces can be powered by electricity, natural gas, or oil

Boilers - While furnaces heat hair, boilers heat up water that is then sent through pipes and radiators to heat up the home.

Gas-Fired Space Heaters - these heaters can be wall-mounted, free standing, or floor heaters.  These heaters are similar to the window units as they are only meant to heat up a single room.

Electric Space Heater - These units are used to heat a single room or small space.  The heaters themselves are fairly inexpensive however, because they plug into the wall, they are the most expensive to use.

Hiring A Bucks County HVAC Professional

Even if you already have an up-to-date system it is important keep the HVAC system maintained and in proper working order.  If you do not, not only will your comfort be jeopardized, it will cost more to run the system.  An improperly cared for system will have to work harder in order to maintain comfortable temperatures.  Thus causing an increase in power usage. 

Installing a new HVAC system takes a lot of research and information.  Your best bet is to call one of our listed Bucks County Heating and Air Conditioning companies.  They will be able to help you determine what type of system would work best in your home and help you choose the exact system to install.  These installations typically come with a service contract that will help keep the new system in proper working order.

You may also decide to call one of these companies for only a service contract on an already updated system.  They will come out on a regular basis to ensure that there are no leaks, the filters are properly installed, and there are no irregularities in the system.

When you are ready to upgrade or improve your HVAC system in your Bucks County home, be sure to reach out to our trusted local vendors.  They will help you choose the correct system for your home and within your budget.  But don’t forget your maintenance!  Change your filters regularly and get your system inspected to ensure proper functionality.

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