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Geerlings Garden Gift & Patio
Geerlings Garden Gift & Patio
1852 Durham Road
New Hope, PA 18938

Spring Valley Nurseries
Spring Valley Nurseries
4038 Route 202
Doylestown, PA 18902

Bountiful Acres
Bountiful Acres
5074 York Road
Holicong, Pa 18928


Bucks County Garden Centers:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Garden Centers

Garden centers in Bucks County are a part of growing up.  Just about every child raised in the area has been to one with their parents at some point in their life.  It is the place families go to pick up the decor for Halloween, Fall, or to pick out the flowers for their garden in the fall.  It’s where Father’s stop to pick up a hanging basket for their wife on Mother’s day.  Or where the adult children stop to get the Easter flowers for their parents.  As Bucks County residents, we know, love and appreciate the gardens centers that reside in our beautiful county.

Autumn Decor at the Garden Center

Look around your neighborhood in the Fall.  How many mums and tiny hay bales sit on front porches on your street?  Garden centers are a great place to pick up the little touches that make your front porch an Autumn delight.  Corn stalks tied to the porch posts, mums sitting on hay bales, even sunflowers making their presence known in your home.  Garden centers are the place to visit when turning your home from summer paradise to Autumn harvest.

Spring Blooms at the Garden Center

When spring is ready to start, many families head to the garden center to pick out their flowers.  These flowers are going to be planted along the front walk, the window boxes, and strategically placed in the yard to make the house bloom!  Let’s not forget the hanging baskets that will be placed beautifully around the porch.  After a dreary winter, everyone is looking forward to color and can’t wait to get it started in their garden.

Making Holidays Special

Every Mother’s Day and Easter, families flock to the garden centers to get something beautiful for the women in their life.  Purchasing cut flowers for mom can sometimes be a waste of money.  If you purchase a beautiful hanging basket of flowers, she can place them on the porch outside or enjoy them in her home for longer than a few days!  Easter flowers are typically used as centerpieces and then transplanted in mom's garden outside.   If giving flowers is your thing, consider heading to the Bucks County garden centers to purchase flowers she can use and replant.

Garden Accessories

In addition to living plants and flowers, Bucks County Garden Centers typically over garden accessories that you’ll love.  Many sell bird baths and small statues to place in your garden to give it a whimsical feel.  Flag holders, garden edges, and even many other fun items to add to your yard.  Take a walk through your garden center and get inspired!

Bucks County garden centers offer a lot to the local community. Supporting a local garden center helps with the local economy and the farming industry of our county.  Many of these garden centers grow their own flowers and plants.  Bucks County has always been a farming community and as we have grown we have lost much of it.  Helping those that still use this land to create happiness through flowers and plants is a great way to support the Bucks County  community as a whole.

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