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Bucks County Garage Doors

When it comes to increasing the value of your Bucks County home, most people think about curb appeal, paint, landscaping, and kitchens.  One thing often overlooked is the garage door.  This is an important thing to consider especially when the garage door faces the street.  Although, even if the garage door does not face the street, garage doors are incredibly important to a home’s value.

The Importance Of Having A Garage

No matter how big the house, having a garage is an important part of a home, especially when it comes to reselling a home.  Many families require the garage for extra storage, protecting their vehicles or just to have extra space to work on projects.  A home with a garage typically sells faster than a home without a garage, so keep this in mind before deciding to put your home on the market.

How A Garage Door Affects The Overall Home Value

Appearance - When someone pulls up to your home their first impression will be of how your home looks from the street.  This will include the style of your home, the landscaping, the paint colors on your house, and, of course, your garage door.  Many homeowners do not consider the garage door to be very significant but think of how big the doors are compared to the rest of the frontage of your home.  Often, the door is overlooked.

Energy Efficiency - Older garage doors are not the most energy efficient.  If your garage door is over ten years old, you may want to think about getting it replaced in order to keep the heat in during winter months.  Older doors tend to leak thus increasing your energy bill.

Noise Reduction - If you have an older garage door you have probably become used to the noise that it makes.  The screeching, squealing, and groaning of your garage door is probably keeping neighbors and guests awake. It’s probably time to get a new garage door.

Security - One way intruders get into a home is through an old garage door.  Some of these wooden doors can be cracked, have holes, and could be warped enough to allow a person to climb through.  This makes your home vulnerable.  Upgrading your garage door will help keep out unwanted visitors trying to break into your home.

Storage - Having a garage, as mentioned before, is a huge asset to owning a home.  Even though garages are truly meant to keep your vehicles safe, there is typically an abundance of storage space as well.  Without this space, many homeowners wouldn’t be able to store much of their Christmas and other Holiday decorations!

Convenience - The convenience of having a garage to park your vehicles in is without measure.  On a rainy or snowing day, pulling into your garage, getting out of your care and staying warm is huge! And, let’s not talk about not having to clear snow off your car early in the morning to get to work.  Convenience of having a garage, as I mentioned, is without measure.

If it has been over ten years since you replaced your garage door, consider upgrading it soon.  Call one of our trusted Bucks County garage door vendors today to discuss what options are available and to have them take a look at your current door.  There may not be anything wrong with it, but it is always good to get a professional opinion.

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