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Bucks County Drywall:

Everything that you need to know:

Bucks County Drywall

The majority of homes in the Bucks County area have interior walls made of drywall.  Drywall comes in panel sheets made from gypsum.  There are two other types of drywall, Type X and Type C.  These contain higher percentages of glass fibers (Type C have the highest percentage).  The higher the percentage of glass fibers the higher the fire rating is on the drywall.  Drywall can also be called: sheet rock, buster board, gypsum panel, and wallboard. 

When you are planning on building a house, an addition, or remodeling, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what type of material do you want to use for the walls.  Some of the older houses in the Bucks County area have plaster walls.  Although these are very sturdy homes and walls, they are not always practical or within everyone’s budget.  Not to mention, decorating plaster walls is somewhat of a challenge!

Why Is Drywall A Good Choice?

There are many reasons why drywall is replacing plaster and wood panels. 

  1. Better insulation - drywall provides better insulation than its predecessors.  Drywall is made out of raw gypsum sandwiched between paper layers. Additional additives are added to the drywall before being cured.
  2. Easier to install - the installation process is much easier and less labor intensive than plaster.  Boards of drywall are cut to fit and placed on the wall, nailed to the boards of the framed rooms.  Each piece is butted up against the previous one.  When the boards are in place, installers can then go back and spackle the holes, joints, and other imperfections creating a seamless, smooth wall.
  3. Higher fire rating - due to its composition and additives, drywall has a higher fire rating than wood panels.  This helps keep your family safer.
  4. Affordable - because plaster requires a specialized professional with many years of experience with the material, installing plaster can be very expensive.  Drywall, however, is much cheaper and easier to install which make it the most affordable material.
  5. Sound insulator - due to its composition, drywall is a better sound insulator than wood panels.
  6. Easily repaired - unlike plaster, drywall can easily be repaired without ruining the entire room.  Hole in the wall?  Add some drywall to the section and spackle.  Not so easy with plaster walls!

Hiring A Bucks County Drywall Professional

When it is time to search for a professional drywall hanger, consider reaching out to our suggested vendors.  Each one is a local professional with experience, insurance, and licensed.  They will help you walk through the choices and options to get your project done.  Get estimates from each vendor, reach out to their references and go with the one you feel most comfortable with.  Bucks County drywall professionals listed here are ready and waiting to get started on your next project. 

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