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Ellen Happ Architect
Ellen Happ Architect
343 Union Street
Doylestown, PA 18901

Stampfl Associates
Stampfl Associates
711 Hyde Park
Doylestown, PA 18902

Raphael Architects
Raphael Architects
169 North Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901


Bucks County Architects:

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Bucks County Architects

Bucks County Architects
The local Bucks County Architects we recommend are local businesses dedicated to helping their clients fulfill their dreams.  They solve problems, create stunning designs, and reach their customer’s goals by providing exceptional service with their knowledge and experience.

Reasons To Hire An Architect

  1. Home addition - When adding on to a home you want to be able to get the most out of the space you have to build on.  An architect can design a space that you want with the area you have available.
  2. Square footage use - a good architect will be able to help you get the most function out of the square footage you have.  They will not waste space and provide function for your home footprint.
  3. Alternative materials - Sometimes, the usage of alternative materials can save you money.  An architect can plan a design that uses the most affordable materials so that you end up saving money where you can.
  4. Historic renovation - Historic renovations, not matter how difficult, can be reimagined by a good architect.  Because of the area, there may also be special codes and restrictions when it comes to updating a historic home.  The local architects will be aware of these issues.
  5. Complete remodel - Looking to do a complete remodel of your home?  It’s best to reach out to an architect so that you know what walls can come down and what ones shouldn’t!
  6. Architectural design problem - Have a problem with a certain aspect of your current house and unsure how to fix it?  Consider reaching out to one of the architects to see what they can possibly do.
  7. Project coordination - With an architect, you not only have someone knowledgeable in structure and design, you also have someone who can coordinate the entire project for your needs.
  8. Design specialist - Design is what they do!  They are all about creating an aesthetically pleasing design with the goals of their clients.
  9. Problem solving - one of the most important things an architect can do is to help you figure out how to solve a problem.  Let’s say that something happened to a family member and they are now bound to a wheelchair.  For many, their current home design is not conductive to someone living there in a wheelchair.  Hiring an architect to help you solve this problem will be a huge relief as well as a huge help!
  10. Natural lighting - If you are living in a home with very little natural lighting, an architect can replan your home in such a way that you can maximize the amount of natural light coming into your home.

There are many reasons to reach out to a professional Bucks County architect.  Designing your dream home, turning your current home into your dream home, or simply growing your current home to fit your needs.  These can all be accomplished with a seasoned architect.  They have the design knowledge, experience and creativity to solve your building problems and deliver an amazing home that you can spend the rest of your life in.  Contact one of our listed architects today to see how they can solve your architectural issue.

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