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Bucks County Basement Waterproofing:

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Bucks County Basement Waterproofing

If you live in Bucks County there is a chance that you have a basement in your home.  However, many people use their basement as storage or an empty space.  The size of your basement can be an extra living space with just a little bit of work. 

Does Waterproofing Your Home Increase Its Value?

Any improvement done to your home should be done to increase the home value even if you are not planning on selling any time soon.  Why would you put money into your house without the possibility of getting that money back when it does come time to sell?  Home appraisers look at the basic structure and floor plan as well as the condition of your house.  They then compare it to similar homes in your area that have recently sold.  Comparable houses in your area will impact the appraisal of your home.  However, if you want to increase the value of your home, you should do improvements from time to time.

Water damage is a major concern to all homeowners as well as potential buyers.  Unfortunately, this is a potential problem that comes with having a basement surrounded by wet earth.  Basements commonly have leaks.  Freezing winters and summer rains can cause damage to the lower levels of any structure. A basement that takes on water, no matter how much, is a place where mold can grow.  Once this happens you have an even bigger problem. 

Homeowners should be proactive about making wet basement repairs or risk a lot of money when they sell their house.  Not only will you be able to live in a dryer and cleaner home until you decide to move out, but you are likely to save the cost of repairs in the long run.  A finished, waterproofed basement adds a lot of value to your home when it is time to sell.

Types of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Interior - Interior waterproofing is usually done when a problem has already been identified.  This method of waterproofing is typically the easiest to accomplish and the most affordable.  The process entails identifying and fixing any cracks or holes found in the walls, floors, and windows.  The waterproofing seal is placed on the walls and floors in layers to ensure that the basement stays dry.
  2. Exterior - This waterproofing takes place on the outside of your home by preventing water from making its way inside in the first place.  This method includes placing exterior drainage systems and coatings on the exterior walls.  Exterior waterproofing is typically a larger undertaking than the interior method, which also makes it a bit more expensive.  This method also requires special machinery and heavy tools.
  3. Drainage - Drainage issues are one of the most common causes of basement moisture.  This method can include repairing a poorly functioning drainage system, or adding a drainage system if there isn’t already one in place. 

While it is often tempting to save money now by ignoring the problem, waiting to address your basement waterproofing can lead to much bigger bills in the future.  Basement waterproofing methods can vary greatly, so it is important that you do your research beforehand.  Your home is your biggest investment, and it is your duty to take the necessary steps to protect it.  Reach out to one of our Bucks County basement specialists today to start planning your basement waterproofing project.

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